Clandestine Joy 4 386

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Something dirty happens here. Just a pole dance is not enough. Here they come for the clandestine joy.

In this, fourth episode, our futa heroine will enjoy her another lovely victim. Chocking her through the cage bars, playing with her pussy, then fucking hard right in the ass. She knows for sure, they want it both.

This chapter is an atmospheric slide show gallery which combines still image pages with animated ones. It has controls, autoplay functionality, fullscreen mode, and music. Packaged in a software program for Windows PC.

A little lifehack: It can also be launched in Chrome web browser (this works properly only for Google Chrome) if you open index.html instead of launching executable.

Also, you can use some hotkeys.

  • Use left and right arrows to navigate slides.
  • Use spacebar to toggle autoplay on and off.

Might be convenient while in fullscreen.

And also, go check some animations from this episode on my Slushe and follow me there.

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